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Kaleron Computer Repairs and IT Services

Welcome to the Kaleron computer repairs website. We invite you to explore our offer. We primarily work with companies and institutions interested in constant cooperation, but we are also open to the public.

Computer Hardware Failures

Electronic and computer devices failures, cause many problems. Not all of them can be fixed by buying new part for malfunctioning device. Besides the fact that in most cases repair costs, are much lower than the ones of buying new device, the exchange of device may lead to exchanging another cooperative device, or buying new licenses, or many other problems, in which the most serious one is the loss of data. Recreating from scratch all those documents, photos and other informations can be complicated and expensive. It requires significant effort and time, sometimes being outright impossible. We have years of experience with helping our customer solve their problems related to hardware failures and recovering lost data from computer devices.

Data recovery

Data recovery We recover data from hard drives, SSD, hybrid SSHD, pendrives, memory cards, RAID arrays (in any cofiguration), NAS, the DVRs, devices with Flash drive and other media. We recover data from smartphones, mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. We recover data directly from the built-in eMMC memory We are able to recover deleted files, deleted or damaged partitions of all types, data form virtual machines, data from drives with MBR or GPT damage, data from drives with damaged sectors, data from drives with damaged service modules (for example: when the drive is not correctly detected, or incorrect capacity is shown), data from hard drives with mechanical damage and also data from drives with malfunctioning or burned power supply subsystem. We are equipped with the necessary sterile lab conditions to replace magnetic heads and platters if needed. We also recover data from drives protected with a password or ATA password. We also offer safe and irrecoverable data deletion compliant with the highest security standards.

Computers and Laptops Repair

Laptop repair We repair computers, laptops, laptop power supplies, computer and laptop components (motherboards, graphic cards, hard drives, SSD, SSHD, ATX and server power supplies, LCD matrices), LCD monitors, laser printers, UPS power supplies and other electronic devices. We repair devices which damage is caused by incorrect power supply, overvoltage, overheat, inundation, natural wear, damage from falling and other mechanical damage. We program BIOS and firmware. We recreate damaged service information modules from hard drives. We replace integrated circuits in BGA and SMD cases. We also replace other electronic elements. We exchange or repair damaged joints. We recreate damaged paths on printed circuit boards. We exchange lights in LCD matrices. We repair magnetic surfaces of hard drives. We regenerate soldering connections. We repair paper transport mechanism and thermal fixatives in printing devices. If possible, we try to repair damaged components (not exchange them), to reduce service costs.


We invite businesses that offer IT services and also computer shops, computer services, photographers, detective agencies and other enterprises interested in data recovery and repair of computer hardware. We offer the highest quality of service. All work is carried out by qualified and experienced IT specialists in our well equipped laboratory. We guarantee confidentiality and security of data entrusted to us. We always complete orders as quickly possible. All our services are covered by a one year warranty. We offer competitive prices on a “no fix – no fee” basis. Diagnostics are always free of charge. We always offer an honest and competitive price for data recovery depending on the type of damage and the price of parts and work required to get access to data - we never charge based on the importance of the lost information or payment capabilities of the customer. We have access to a wide array of spare parts, including discontinued or obsolete ones. We are EU VAT registered, and are able to issue invoices with 0% VAT. By starting cooperation with us you will you gain reliable and honest partner.